Each of the members has got a different musical background, education and specialization, however, with the same aim: to play especially our own music for the joy and grace which come from a combination of enthusiasm, passion, energy and skills of each of us. Almost all music and lyrics composed Kateřina Mrázková, who also sings and tries to play guitar.  You may recognize (quite rarely, though) some covers too, but we always work hard on our original arrangements.

The name Kat&Combo shows that this ensemble is very variable, according to an individual organizer´s requirements, and it depends on a particular event or occasion. The basic structural unit is Kat and her mic, guitar, determination – and, indeed, her combo (Fender). However, our performance is much more colourfull and opulent when some or all of the other Kat&Combo musicians join, in various combinations:

Violoncello – Pavel Šabacký (Concertmaster of the Brno Philharmony)

Accordion – Radek Krčál (a music teacher)

Keys / guitar / vocals – Michal Jaborník (IT specialist)

Bass guitar / vocals – Leo Javora (a legend)

Bass guitar – Martin Márty Kostohryz (a tough guy)

Music / lyrics / vocal / guitar – Kateřina Mrázková (a tyrant)

Radost a vášeň opředená tóny