Lynn Lister – USA, Texas

Johann Pachelbel Meets Streets of London

Lynn creates, arranges, and remixes intimate music from a tiny studio in Texas that overlooks trees and a small stream.  Originally a guitarist, Lynn’s music now includes piano, string, harp, and other orchestral elements.  “I’m drawn to close string arrangements, particularly in unexpected ways.  There’s no better way to draw out emotions than strings,” he said.   He’s remixed over 85 songs in the past year, including a string version of King Schascha’s “Rude Boy”, and and an acoustic guitar version of Hollywood Principle’s “Firework” for six guitars.  Lynn’s works are licensed for film, TV, and video by Indaba Sync.

His collaboration with Kat now includes over a dozen songs from remixes and covers to originals.
“Even though we are on opposite sides of the world, I’ve never had such an easy partnership,” Lynn said.  Their growing catalog in English and Czech ranges from country music to Christmas classics to reggae infused originals.