For real readers

What does music mean to me? In one word – LIFE.

I feel music everywhere and and sing practically nonstop – however the volume knob tends to go left in public.

But first of all, I am an extremely happy person who is lucky
to meet exceptional, talented, wise and kind people. I feel
honoured having an opportunity to collaborate on both
my and other musician´s songs, and always try to do my best.
If you want to listen to some of those joyful projects, you´ll find them in the COLLABS section.

I´ve been singing since ever, thanks to my Mom, Grannie
and Grand-Grannie. My delicate taste was discovered first when
I was four, singing together with my pre-school mates for lonely old people in a retirement house. After the songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star … I decided to warm up the atmosphere. I can´t remember it but as per the pre-school director, an unstoppable applause flared-up after I had sung Just a Gigolo. 🙂

Then the long years of flute, guitar, singing and musical theory
lessons, singing and playing in several kids´ and later womens´
or mixed choirs started. In my teens, I was very active
in the bands of all kinds (country, brass, even metal), but what
I was longing for, was a multivocal a capella band. That was very
difficult though, due to the lack of singers capable to sing
in polyphonies. However, I established two trios performing
in the course of couple of years. That was also the time of my first
composing / lyrics writing experiments.

Over the past years and decades, I was singing and playing
in several bands, with a wide variety of genres, size, quality
and opinions. We were performing mostly at the dancing balls,
wedding parties, in the fancy hotels, at vernissages etc.
The number of such events was decreasing step by step
in the last years – because all the weekends I had to sacrifice,
as well as beause I wanted to compose and sing the genres that are not played at the shows.

After a long period of the musical stagnation, I got a present
from my husband: a voucher for recording in a studio.
Originally meant for three or four folk songs, sung and played
by myself – however, with a huge help of Petr Kratochvíl (the friend of my life), this turned into an album of 23 songs. I still don´t
understand how he could make such a mirracle but all
the musicians involved are the top instrumentalists, at least within CZ. Should you be interested in this album, please look
at the ®MUFFIOSO RECORDS section.

If you read this sentence, you must be a really brave person.
You deserve an appreciation, so let me know.  🙂
Now, we are in these days which treat me with incredible
kindness, generosity and friendliness. Except mostly very positive
and pleasant personal life, this epoch allows me to spend
as much time as I wish with music. Thanks to internet, obtainable
recording devices, my husband´s tolerance and also maturity
of my daughters, I have not discovered my boundaries yet.
There´s still a large universe where I dare to wander.
I am still flying towards the rainbow, and its colours are reflected
in my smile and my dreams. Do you know who can touch
the rainbow? Only the ones who try to fly higher that they can.


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