Jiří Hálek – CZ


When I was nine my parents introduced me to music through music lessons for the violin. When I turned 12 I  became more interested in the guitar.   I began to learn on my own and found it an efficient way to attract girls.

After my first folk song experience my friends and I decided to form a band.  We performed together for 26 years.  During that time I played guitar,  drums, bass, and sang.

Leading the band became more and more demanding over the years.  I found myself enjoying it less and less in the last years.  In 2004 I quit playing music and was convinced that I would only listen to music from that day forward.


In 2017, after many coincidences and 13 years of musical passiveness, I met Kateřina. Within a short period her passion, vitality, and infinite optimism infected me.  After a moment of hesitation I began trying things I’d never tried before. I have arranged before, but now I began to compose a record using my basic, aged knowledge. It was tough and painful in the beginning.

Thanks to Kateřina’s endless patience and leadership I found the beauty in music again.  Music is now, again, my strongest passion. Kateřina’s is an excellent singer and musician as well as being a graceful creature.  I agree with Ralph’s statement that we have probably never met someone with so many talents.  Even though our music tastes are not the same we find projects attractive to both of us.  Fortunately our homes are close so we can collaborate in person as well as online.

I believe there are many more songs left for us to produce.   I know I will enjoy them and hopefully you will as well.


Radost a vášeň opředená tóny