Matúš Kobzoš – Slovakia

Matúš composes and arranges music in his new recording studio ORSONIUM. Originally a DJ, today Matúš only works on his own production. He´s been listening to epic music since ever, the most significant of that were 2steps from hell and Hans Zimmer music. Nowadays, Matúš mostly creates and composes tailored tracks, usually background for the videos, as well as complete sound for the android platform games.

Concurrently, Matúš also collaborates with a Czech singer – songwriter Kateřina Mrázková. At the moment, they are finishing their first album. The young producent appreciates this collaboration a lot, since this had brought him into the deeper world of music composition. With a couple of songs made so far, this collaboration has a great potential to create and polish hopefully many diamonds shining in the world of music.


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